Chocolatey Install Script

When I get a new machine the first thing I do is install Chocolatey and run this script:

cinst googledrive -y
cinst googlechrome -y
cinst git -y
cinst sourcetree -y
cinst slack -y
cinst visualstudiocode -y
cinst sublimetext3 -y
cinst linqpad -y
cinst fiddler -y
cinst f.lux -y
cinst steam -y
cinst skype -y
cinst snagit -y
cinst nodejs -y
cinst firefox -y
cinst 7zip -y
cinst vlc -y
cinst -y
cinst vim -y
cinst ruby -y
cinst python2 -y
cinst pandoc -y
cinst virtualbox -y
cinst royalts -y
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