Getting Started with SignalR using F# and OWIN

SignalR allows us to easily push messages back and forth between a client (usually a website) and server using websockets. All of the pain of creating a connection, keeping the connection alive, reconnecting, serialising and deserialising messages, plus lots, lots more is taken care of for you. In this post…

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Stay Pure and Don't Become a Mutant

The inaugural Sydney F# User Group meeting was held on 1 July. We had a great turn out and great times were had by all. There were two talks, one by me, the other by the amazing Jorge Fioranelli who runs the user group with me. The videos are available…

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?? operator in F# (but for Options!)

tl;dr ?? in C# is expressive and awesome. You can do the same thing in F# for option values by defining the following operator: let inline (|?) (a: 'a option) b = if a.IsSome then a.Value else b which lets you do this: let someDate = Some DateTime.Now let (noneDate:…

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